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surfing with helen bates - august 5, 2007 - sweden, usa,

updated tue 7 aug 07


Helen Bates on sun 5 aug 07

Thermoacoustics and Swingtop Bottlecaps

Surfing with Helen Bates - August 5, 2007 - Sweden, USA, Thermoacoustics
and Swingtop Bottlecaps

ASA 147th Meeting Lay Language Papers -A Brief Description of
(The Ben and Jerry's Company supported the development of an acoustic
refrigerator for ice cream.)
(Language is for the layperson)

Swingtop bottle Closures (beer)

(Supplies ceramic or plastic (Polypropylene) closure heads as well as
rubber rings)
(Sells Grolsch swing top stoppers, and the rings)

Theresa Sandin (Danderyd, Sweden)
(Cone 7-9 glaze recipes in English and Swedish, including a few glaze
test images)
(Has some Mike Bailey recipes - Iron Orange, for example)
(Otherwise this is a site that remains under construction.)

Elna-Karin Helgesson (Ostratorp, Sweden)
(Swedish hand-thrown tableware)

Russell Wrankle (Toquerville Clay) (Toquerville, UT, USA)
(Slideshow: making tiles)
(Teapot, Honorable Mention, Strictly Functional Pottery National, 1996)

Alison Coles Severance (Allison Severance Pottery) (Boonsboro, MD, USA)
(Functional, Wood Fired - Salt Glazed Pottery)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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