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updated sat 18 aug 07


Hank Murrow on fri 17 aug 07

Dear Group;

My buddy Jim makes my bats with me at his shop. We use Sintra, an =20
outdoor sign substrate which comes in colors but we use white. It is =20
1/4" thick, and we drill a small hole in the center after cutting out =20=

squares on the table saw. The router compass-jig centerrs itself in =20
the hole and the bats are cut into circles by spinning the router on =20
this center. We can do a batch of 48 bats in around two hours. I used =20=

MDF bats for a long time successfully, but needed to switch to =20
something lighter when I travel to workshops.

Cheers, Hank

Fresh from five weeks in France, where I met lovely Clayarters at the =20=

90-potter ceramics fair in Paris, and attended "La Borne =20
S'Enflamme!", 21 wood fires in ten days followed by a show of fifty =20
potters from around the world who came to fire in La Borne. Even took =20=

in a medieval castle being built only by methods used in the 11th =20
century. Two potters among the crew of 34!

Aimiti=E9s encore, Hank