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fw: jar lid

updated sat 18 aug 07


Jeanette Harris on fri 17 aug 07

>I am forwarding you this answer from Andra. She has been trying to use
>the steps contained in your article. When she tries to cut the lid off,
>she ends up cutting into the lid or into the bottom part of the pot.
>Judy Smith

Have her try this: After she has put the groove into the jar with
the triangular cutting tool and the clay is leather hard, take a
needle tool and cut a guide groove for the place where the point of
the knife will go. She will have to have a steady hand--brace the
needle tool hand with a supporting hand--and don't try to cut all the
way through, just make enough of a groove to keep the blade of the
fettling knife steady when it's time to release the lid.

Here's some other ideas:

Don't let the clay dry to true leather-hard. It might be that her
clay would behave better if it was a little wetter. That would make
the cutting glide smoother.

Does her clay have grog in it or is of rough texture? That may be
dragging the knife/cutting tool. She may need to go to a
smoother-textured clay.

Try lightly moistening the area to be cut before doing the actual cutting.

Try another tool--maybe an exacto knife would work better.

Try rotating the piece slowly and keeping the cutting/knife steady,
turn it several times easing the cutting tool into the groove.

Moisten the blade of the cutting tools before trying the cut.

And, be sure the vessel is securely fastened to the batt. There may
be a bit of slight slippage going on here that causes the problem.

Jeanette Harris
Poulsbo WA