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mug exchange& exhibit

updated mon 3 nov 97


marg on sat 1 nov 97

Carolynn , Wendy, Susan, Dhannon, and all,

Why can't we do both the exchange and exhibit? What a great way for even
us lurkers to become active and further the list. I am not a production
potter, but produce one of a kind majolica pieces for customers. I would
love to participate! Let me know how I can help.

Love this list and all the wonderful advice, technical exchange, and

Marg (in Baton Rouge)

OWL POTTER on sun 2 nov 97

We shall endeavor to do both the Exchange and the 101 Mugs Exhibit.

I am busy collecting names AND address of those interested in the Mug Exchange
and will send out the list and the first mug in a week or so. From then on,
it will be up the latest recipient of the list and a mug, to update the list
from CLAYART and keep the Mug Exchange going.

So if you are interested in participating in the Mug Exchange just send me at, (or post on CLAYART) your name and the shipping address you
want a mug sent to.

I will post the instructions (again) on how to keep the chain going when I
send out the first mug.

What fun!

Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan