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vacuum filter possibility (correction)

updated sun 2 nov 97


Paul Sternberg on sat 1 nov 97

The filter manufacturer is Gore, which makes Gortex products. The product
name is "CleanStream". .......Sorry.

Paul Sternberg wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Hi folks,
> Gortex has been producing drum filters for Genie, Shop-Vac, Hoover and
> Craftsman shop vacuums which claim to be 99.7 % effective down to 0.3
> microns. The filter is washable. I have one, and it is definitely
> superior to standard filters.
> As a healthier alternative for those who can't yet afford a professional
> vacuum system, I thought this might be an option. Obviously, its use
> would still require common sense in terms of vacuum maintenance, filter
> cleaning, wearing a respirator, etc..
> Any thoughts from the safety pundits would be welcome. I'm trying to
> help - not create a false sense of security.
> My source is Home Depot - which sells the Genie, Shop-Vac and Hoover
> models for about $20.00. The Craftsman model goes for about $29.00. As
> we all know, prices my vary a touch depending on the local competition.
> I happen to be in Atlanta. Lowes might also have them.
> ......Paul