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clayart folks at pittsburgh nceca

updated mon 27 aug 07


Chic Lotz + keith Montgomery on sun 26 aug 07

Hi Folks,

We are scouting around for a few volunteer Clayarters that will be
attending the Pgh. PA NCECA for 2008.
I know that some Clay Art folks arrive a day early for various reasons.

We'd like to gather a small group of folks who would like to help
unpack or pack up the K-12 exhibit .
Lee Burningham will be one of those pitching in and we all know he's
lots of fun!

Unpacking starts on Tuesday morning around : 9:00 am for however long
you want to help.
Pack up starts on Friday around: 5:00pm

Anyone that can do both will be heartily appreciated!

Its a great way to see the exhibit, team up with some fun people,
support the younguns and make new friends.
If we get enough folks, maybe we can have a pizza party!!

Let me know if you are interested so I can keep you posted with
further details!
Chic Lotz