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non-traditional tile murals

updated fri 31 aug 07


Kate Champa on tue 28 aug 07

Hi Everyone;

I'm pretty much coming out of lurkdom... I followed Vince and Lois to
the Richard Notkin murals. WOW! Who else has a suggestion for the
mural within a mural, or the master image made up of smaller tiles?
A fascinating project!

Kate Champa, R.I.

Marcia Selsor on wed 29 aug 07

I know Richard and he stayed with us while he was setting up the
installation when it was in the Yellowstone Art Museum.
The mural was saggar fired. His wife Phoebe, a painter, made a gray
chart for him to sort the gradation within the tiles.
It was really a major feat to create that image with smoke fired tiles.
There was a little touch up with paint where the shades needed to be

Marcia Selsor