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non-traditional tile murals (images within images)

updated fri 31 aug 07


George Koller on thu 30 aug 07

>I'm pretty much coming out of lurkdom...

Who else has a suggestion for the mural within a mural, or the master image made up of smaller tiles?
A fascinating project! <

To Kate the lurking muralist:

I am also a lurking muralist that has been thinking about the image within image device for years now. Here is a link to software which will build an image from subimages such as postcards:

The example murals he builds are (per my memory / some time ago) built from complex subimages such as soviet era christmas postcards. You need only build a subdirectory of these subimages or postcards then give the software the larger image and away his software will chunk until it spits out a large image of the subimages you give it..... rather amazing.

I gave this some thought years ago but revisited it not very long ago and I re-tested his software (free demo) with an idea more suitable for clay. My idea was to use "flags" for the subimages. The "Flags" I built and tested consisted of 2, 3, 4, and up to maybe 5 or 6 "chambers" built by simple geometric constructions - such as one or two diagonal lines.

Note that a single shape that is not symmetrical will actually be 4 shapes, and note that even 4 or 5 colors will give dozens of variations to a base shape such as a circle in a quadrant. .....Anyway I spent enough time with this to build up several hundred subimages of simple geometric shapes for 2" by 2" tiles that I think are just a very interesting size that matches up with the concept of basic shapes. When I tested an image of a face it took (as I remember) about 10 x 10 of these tiles to start getting a haunting resemblemce of the bigger image. I say "haunting" because it is a "great brain teaser" to bring people just to the edge of recognition without going any farther using such a simple device.

This project is "on hold" for me right now but I really could start it at about any time as I am looking for a next workshop project and this fits all the considerations (probably better than the one we are doing now).

(....there are technical issues such as allowing the software to re-use a subimage and to rotate the pieces 1, 2, 3 X 90Degrees / if square) and so on. Also I have "played" rather extensively with the device of continually simplifying the various shapes (polygons/polylines) within an image until they are so basic that they can be transfered to a small area of clay such as a 2" by 2" tile. I think for me / my personal problem has been that I was pulled in to thinking about facial close-ups which has almost overwhelmed me with new (to me) considerations. However, I would be hard set to try to think of anything more fascinating than this.... recently i've been rethinking my old "into/out" of "fog" ideas with these devices in mind to use only hints of color..... something i know how to do )

_george koller
sturgeon bay, wisconsin - door county