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mug exchange & exhibit

updated mon 3 nov 97


Talbott on sun 2 nov 97

Glad you brought this point up.. Hopefully two mugs out of a potter's
inventory will not "break the bank".. The 101 CLAYART MUGS proposed exhibit
is not intended to conflict with or replace a mug exchange. Marshall

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Carolynn , Wendy, Susan, Dhannon, and all,
>Why can't we do both the exchange and exhibit? What a great way for even
>us lurkers to become active and further the list. I am not a production
>potter, but produce one of a kind majolica pieces for customers. I would
>love to participate! Let me know how I can help.
>Love this list and all the wonderful advice, technical exchange, and
>Marg (in Baton Rouge)

Details will be forth coming!!!

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