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mugs, mugs, mugs

updated mon 3 nov 97


Mel Jacobson on sun 2 nov 97

the exhibition of mugs is growing at our home. if all that have posted,
send me a mug ,it will be hitting the 70 mark.

i have cleared off a set of shelves in our basement display, tv room.
if i double row them i think i can get most of them in that central place.

it is a joy to open the boxes. the variety is overwhelming. i drink my
morning tea from a new one each day.

we are not critiquing them, just enjoying them, using them. so far ,they
all hold hot tea and coffee. and drink well.

the most important thing about them, and important to say, `they fill the
range of what a mug should be, the entire range`.

instead of going to the post office each day, i have purchased a lump of
stamps of the proper denomination, and just give them back to our the box, take out mug, replace it with one of mine, and out
the door. (editors note: all returns are random....just take one of mine
off the shelf, in order, and stick it in a box.)

i am not going to post you all individually. i will take a photo of all of
them next month, and post it on my web page. (panorama photo)

and i want to inform you all that the rumors about me going to texas and
building the first `real kiln in texas history`, are true...and the
story about them holding me hostage, and springing an arch are not true.
(that rumor was started by a vince guy, thinks that i belong to the flat
earth society...and we will all fall off flattop kilns.) `my god, does he
not know that in the original nils lou plan, it calls for a tiny `snow
fence` around the perimeter to keep goofeys from falling`.
and please, please, all of you, wish me well.....i know i am going to be
bullied by a `red haired, cherokee woman`, and not to mention the `junk
man`. we will keep you informed.

p.s., we are not using one used thing in this kiln, alllll new. a.p. green
k-26' concrete blocks, fire brick for the floor...all
fresh metal....and of course new welding rod. i even bought new shoes to
wear while building it. (of course they are white)....and to conclude
this trip i am going to go to mata ortiz with kurt wild and our wives,
after the kiln is done, and fired. we will join mike williams, in elpaso,
and he is taking
us to that `wonderland of ceramics`.

mel. mn. some snow this morning.