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drum roll, drawer

updated mon 3 sep 07


Eleanora Eden on sun 2 sep 07

Yes, lists, lists, lists for everything. My lists have check offs for when the
thing gets found and when the box its in gets actually into the vehicle.

Chris Campbell's advice is super A+ stuff. Follow that and you won't go wrong.

I have a real cash register drawer that is permanently bolted to my
selling desk....
underneath, of course. It sounds a big bell when it gets opened. Nobody can
open that sucker without everybody in 15 feet hearing it loud and clear.

This cost about $200 but saves my bacon continually.....not only holds all $$
stuff but has enough drawers for lots of small necessities; pens, phone, this
and that. I put all big bills and charge slips underneath.
Occasionally one will
stick to the bottom of the drawer and if I am missing a slip that is
always where
it is found.


Bellows Falls Vermont