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bats in saxton's river and bat nets

updated fri 7 sep 07


Eleanora Eden on thu 6 sep 07

Hi Rosemary,

I actually don't live in BF or Saxton's River, but outside Saxton's River and over the
covered bridge. I just get my mail in BF.

I talked to another clayart friend yesterday about this and she says where she lives
in Oberlin the police dept has bat nets that they loan out. It is like a butterfly net
but very very long and you slam it down over the resting bat and he flies down to
the end and it is then easy to put it out of doors.

We are in the midst right now of making sure there are no places for such wildlife
to get in here.

Sorry Rosemary to hear of your bat episodes. It will give me something to ask
about down on Mexican night at the cafe.


>I'm glad you got rid of the bat! And I just noticed that you live in
>Bellows Falls, VT. I used to live in Saxtons River - a lifetime ago. And
>believe it or not, I had a problem with bats there, too! In fact, my
>daughter (then 5) was bitten in her sleep by a bat that flew in an attic
>window and made its way down to our living area. She did get the rabies
>series and was fine. Less than two weeks after that incident, I was driving
>back from Springfield at about 9 p.m. with my car window down about 3
>inches. A bat flew in and got in my then-long hair. No kidding. I stopped
>the car and beat the thing out of my hair while my two girls were in the
>backseat screaming.
>Good times.
>Rosemary Forrest

Bellows Falls Vermont