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studio space and co op in brooklyn

updated sat 8 sep 07 on fri 7 sep 07

We are again expanding the Greenpoint Ceramic Collective in Brooklyn!

This 3,000 Square Foot Space is a combination of individual Workspace,
Communal Studio, Showroom and Office/Kitchen. Within the space are
14-foot ceilings, lots of light, ample shelving, slab roller, potter=E2=80=
wheels, extruder, glaze mixing area, a number of low and high fire
electric kilns, a separate, well-lit showroom, high-speed internet, fax
and working kitchen. There is 24 hour access and a freight elevator
with convenient parking. Close proximity to Subways and Buses.

We are looking for Ceramic Artists and Potters who are interested
in sharing this space, manufacturing and marketing their products and
adding to our already established body of experience and knowledge in
the spirit of the collective, as well as those interested in exploring
ceramics as a hobby. We now consist of those who wheel throw, hand
build, slab build, slip cast and more! We wish to develop a
destination, both real and virtual, whereby craft collectors, designers
and architects can come to us for our creations and manufacturing
specialties under one roof. We are also putting together Workshops and
Classes for beginners as well as those who wish to enhance their
knowledge and skills. If you envision yourself as part of such a
collective, please email or call for more information.


Tel:  718.383.5400 or 917.41.6062