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paper soup/bucket slip mixer

updated sat 22 sep 07


Maggie Jones on fri 21 sep 07

hi Linda...let us know when you find this slip mixer...that sounds handy,
I want one too!


On Fri, 21 Sep 2007 07:27:21 -0400 Linda Blossom
> Taylor,
> When I make paperclay slip I use a jiffy mixer and
> paper that I shredded with a micro shredder. If I
> have the time I will add the water to the paper and
> let it sit overnight. There is a world of
> difference between a paint mixer and a jiffy mixer
> with the jiffy mixer being far superior. I usually
> make a large enough quantity that a blender won't be
> large enough. Toilet paper is just too expensive
> and the office paper comes in the mail every day. I
> would like to get a slip mixer - I saw on online
> once that fit over a 5 gallon bucket and could
> handle even concrete. ($300) When I make my clay, I
> just put the paper and water in with the clay
> ingredients and turn on the Peter Pugger and it
> breaks down on its own without any pulping.
> Linda
> NY
> Tell me if there is a better way.
> I'll dewater it a bit then add it to my slip. Can I
> just use a paint
> mixer in my 5 gallon bucket with hot water when I go
> for quantity? I
> don't have any mixing blade similar to that blender.
> Will this be a
> problem?
> I'll report on the bone dry additions later.
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