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potters in england and france

updated thu 13 sep 07


alan moon on tue 11 sep 07

For those travelling to England and France; get a copy of Potters =
published by The Craftsmen Potters Association of Great Britain. This is =
a "juried" selection of potters who are members of the Association. In =
France the book to get is Guide des Ceramistes. This is published by =
Editions de la Revue de la Ceramique et du Verre. It can be ordered on =
line.It has over 1500 potters with addressses, pictures, info; is well =
organized by department etc. The selection is not juried, but the best =
potters are there.
Alan Moon, Thunder Bay, Canada Enjoy!!

Phil Rogers on wed 12 sep 07

Just to set the record straight.........England is just one of four
countries that make up Great Britain. The Craft Potters Association is open
to membership from potters in Great Britain i.e. potters from England,
Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Those of us living in the Celtic
Nations regard our English neighbours as aspiring Celts. Of course, the
better potters tend to live in Wales.

Phil Rogers