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repairing broken delft tile

updated wed 19 sep 07


Dan Semler on mon 17 sep 07

Hi All,

I have a friend who has a delft tile that is broken in several
places. I am wondering if anyone has repaired such a tile and if so
how was it done, and were the results ok ? I have poked around on the
web and see that there are some pottery and porcelain repair kits
about - they seem to class delft with earthenware. Don't know anything
about it, so don't know if this is true - looked it up in H & H and it
is indeed, rather like Majolica. If so I assume its at least somewhat
porous which would probably help adhesives, like Gorilla glue, but if
its more vitrified I'm not so sure. Had a poke in the archives but
didn't find anything particularly relevant.

If anyone has any suggestions or direct experience I'd love to hear them.