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slip attachments for large segmented forms...

updated fri 21 sep 07


Ric Swenson on thu 20 sep 07

Exact fit and a little slip are the key to attachments.=20
Here in JingDeZhen....The attaching slip, as far as I can ascertain, is sim=
ply the porcelain clay mixed with a little water, a little sodium silicate =
and a small amount of clear glaze.=20
Your results, of course will differ...'cause your clay is different. Just y=
our individual experimentation will suffice. There ain't no 'magic solution=
" to it. I just played with those ingredients until I got it to work. Chin=
ese local workmen (potters) were not forthcoming with any "formula" for thi=
s slip. Some said it was a "secret".my 2 cents,
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