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tucson clay co-op now open, affordable studio space available

updated thu 13 sep 07


Maxine Krasnow on tue 11 sep 07

first my apologies to any of you, who tried to reach use concerning becoming
a co-op member (at that time we were called ourselves the Tucson Community
Pottery) or about our grand opening celebration. Yahoo was not delivering
my mail and it took me several weeks to realize it. At first I just thought
the clay conversation slowed down for the summer - because some messages got
through, and some did not. Anyway to solve the problem I have changed to g

Our studio is now up and running. It is a great location - right on Fourth
Avenue, down the block from the local food co-op. We are thrilled to be
part of El Ojito Springs Center for Creativity, which has rented to other
artists who are working and selling out of their spaces, and also features
music, poetry and theatre.
For local potters interested in becoming members (there's also an
opportunity to sell your work out of the space)
or snow bird potters looking for affordable studio space - our web page is - if you look under studio membership, it will give
you five different ways to join our co-op.

Looking forward to hearing from you (the easiest for us is if you email us
at because we check that everyday. Maxine,
Heidi, John, Vince, Cynthia

Jeanette Harris on wed 12 sep 07

Hi, Maxine,

I'm certainly looking forward to visiting the Co-op as soon as I get to Tucson!

Best wishes on your success.


Jeanette Harris
Poulsbo WA