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new co-operative

updated wed 5 nov 97


Susan Benson on tue 4 nov 97

Hello all.

Those of you who live in Southern California may have already heard that Cal
State Fullerton and the City of Santa Ana are joining in an effort to
transmute the historic section of Downtown Santa Ana into an arts enclave.
In addition to the approx. 30 graduate students from CSF who will be living
and working in a building currently being renovated, approx 1 1/2 square
blocks are being dedicated to living spaces above studio/showroom/gallery
spaces on street level.

The point in all of this is that I'm interested in forming a small
cooperative to share one of the gallery/studio spaces. They are still in the
process of splitting up a very large space, so we can "design to suit" at
least to a point. I have tons of details, and price quotes, etc. for anyone
interested. You can e-mail me directly, or give me a call at (714) 731-1320.
I would like to find 4 or 5 ceramists to join with me in this endeavor.

Susan Benson