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raku burner/fire ants

updated sun 23 sep 07


Dannon Rhudy on sat 22 sep 07

Mark, go online and look up Howard Garrett,

He has a number of regimens for fire ants, all of them
organic. They work, and he has some interesting
observations regarding them, too. Since your garden
is organic, you might note his organic gardening books
and articles. He really knows his stuff. The commercial
"fire ant control" products are expensive, toxic, and
they don't work except temporarily.

Fire ants are an "unintended consequence", as it
were, of trade. They were brought in sometime
in the thirties on a ship bringing something else from
South America. They have spread rapidly through
the south, and are edging northward. Not good.


Dannon Rhudy

> Posted by: "Mark Issenberg" ASHPOTS@AOL.COM Fri Sep 21, 2007 6:25 am
(PST) down here in the south we have a issue with fire ants.. I dont know
how far
> north they go. I mostly use a bait that kills the nasty critters .. On the
> it says to wash it in. I do that and have gone through a bag and now on my
> second bag. I have lots of fire ants and I have 15 acres..
> Any way my wife find fire ants in our garden.She does not like to use bad
> chemicals in the garden. Its really a organic garden..
> So I hooked up raku burner to a small 25 lb tank and we were out hunting
> fire ants.. She would dig and I would burn the nasty critters..Of course
Id like
> to call them something else but im calling them nasty critters so I dont
> critsized for bad language..
> It seems to work , no fire ants where were we burnt the nasty critters.
> garden is still organic and no fire ants..
> Mark
> Lookout Mountain