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is your studio clean or cluttered or down right dirty

updated thu 27 sep 07


Billie Mitchell on wed 26 sep 07

i have really enjoyed reading all of your posts about your studio.. i still havent finished
cleaning it yet. ran out of room again in trash and really loaded up my neighbors trash
again this week.. but you know what i can start to see the end of the rainbow now.

we are fixing to put in new wiring in the studio and in the woodworking part of the
basement.. this will make it much much easier to work.. when i worked in the wood
part i had to drag out extension cords all over the place. plus we are installing one
more light fixture. then the final thing that started all of this.. putting in a new 20 amp
outlet in.. i had only 15 amp in the studio so couldnt use my new test kiln.. then its on
to finally firing it.. i am so looking forward to firing my new work in the new kiln..

so this pack rat is finally getting her stuff together.. cant wait till its all done..
clean studio new kiln.. oh yea and i forgot the other thing why i cleaned it all up..
we just got a new atv.. well not new but new to us.. and now we have room to
park it inside!

happy cleaning and purging to those who wrote to me and said it was all
my fault!
billie mitchell


Acworth ga.