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teapot spout, val's turquoise glaze

updated fri 28 sep 07


Pat's Pottery on thu 27 sep 07

From: Rogier Donker dolcenea@GTE.NET
Subject: Plate rim question
<teapot body at an angle, so when the thing dries the spout will be
straight and the teapot will pour properly....
Experience, experience, experience!
HPC! (That's "Happy Potting Continued"!)>>

Do you put the whole spout at an angle, or just cut the lip at an angle? =
the pot's spout is facing you, is the angle to the left?

On another note, If you remember, List, I was asking why the recipe =
had given me "Val's Turquoise" didn't add up to 100% and if it was safe =
use as is. I got many replies and even some of you were kind enough to=20
calculate it to the 100% ratio. There was some discussion on where this =

glaze originated, as it had been on the list before. WELL, I have =
the source, or at least one of them. It appears in the Oct 2004 issue =
Ceramics Monthly, and is credited to Central Carolina College. It =
with its 100% ratio and unity formula. Those of you who re-calculated =
were right on:>)
I made it and glazed a pot with it. I should have it back next Monday =
will post the results. (I need to have my pots fired elsewhere, as I =
have a kiln yet)
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