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wood fire workshop in mesa az

updated fri 28 sep 07


Colleen Riley on thu 27 sep 07

My apologies for the last-minute notice, but there are still a few spots available at a next month's
wood fire workshop at the Mesa Art Center.

If you are interested in wood fired ceramics, and have not worked with Jack Troy, this is a great
opportunity. In my opinion, Jack is a living treasure and is as insightful about life in general as he
is about ceramic art.
This is a new bourry-box style kiln built by Donovan Palmquist. It is designed for efficient use of
wood with lighter ash effects (see Daphnae Hatcher's work). If you are interested in wood firing
glazed/decorated work, this is a good chance to try it out. You will need to bring bisqueware.

Here are the details:
Woodfiring with Jack Troy and Donovan Palmquist
"Part of the contagious intrigue of woodfiring is the way the process enhances forms and surfaces
as the result of incorporating many choices: kiln type, clays, glazes, slips, washes, firing methods,
and of course the forms we make. Our workshop will focus on clarifying as many of these
variables as possible, so we can anticipate their potential for personal expression in future firings.
We will also assess the results of the experience and discoveries we will share. These will be
delivered to us as the result of our cooperative effort."

October 15-20 Monday-Saturday
Register Online:
or Call: 480-644-6520