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new firing log episode (wood fire podcast)

updated sat 29 sep 07


om on thu 27 sep 07

There is a new episode of the Firing Log Podcast on my site. My
podcasts focus on wood fire potters and can be downloaded directly or
through iTunes for those with ipods. I sort of took the summer off
but I think I'll be getting back in the swing of things now that
Autumn approaches. If you were listening to the interviews but gave
up on me because you thought I quit interviewing people, well, I'm
back now -- at least till I burn out again and have to take another
hiatus. ;-)

The subject of the latest podcast is Gas Kimishima ( http:// ). He has a lot of wisdom to impart and some very
interesting ideas about wood fired ceramics and kilns. blog/podcast/
photo-galleries all fan out from here:

You can check out my earlier interviews as well:

One note -- I'm a recording newbie so be kind with my recording
errors. Also, for all episodes before Kimishima's my equipment was
pretty lousy. Let me apologize in advance for any untoward
background noise in those interviews. From the current episode
forward, things should sound a bit better - my new recorder rocks.