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updated wed 3 oct 07


Bob Johnson on sun 30 sep 07

I know that one needs different engobes for green and bisque. But has anyone found that the interaction of a glaze is different when it is put over (a) an engobe that was put on greenware and then bisqued vs (b) a "green" engobe on a previously bisqued piece? Seems to me that, in the latter case, the glaze would blend and interact more with the engobe---but I haven't done a test.

Bob Johnson

Daniel Sommerfeld on tue 2 oct 07


I once applied an engobe to a green piece, reapplied the same engobe to
the bisqued piece and then salt-fired it. The green engobe application
did indeed stay "drier" or it didn't flux out as much as the bisqued
application of the engobe.

I have always wanted to try it again, but it is way back on the list.

Dan S.