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pittsburgh 'nceca' - will it be a good one? are you intending to

updated tue 9 oct 07


Shula on mon 1 oct 07



I hope to go. I have children and grandchildren within a hour's drive, so I have a double incentive.

working and writing from San Diego, CA
live in Desert Hot Springs, CA

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>Subject: Pittsburgh 'NCECA' - will it be a good one? Are you intending to go?
>Hi all,
>Just curious as for your anticipations/speculations...
>Do you think the up-coming 'NCECA' will be well attended? Or, that it will
>enjoy only a small
>Are most of us and our non-clayart-clay-friends, intending to go?
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Dale Neese on mon 1 oct 07


Hi Phil,
I know I'll be going. I've heard and read how much Pittsburg has changed
since the steel mill days. Just last week I read Pittsburg was rated #1 as
the most romantic U. S. destination for "Boomers".

What you might like as well is the areas of Pittsburg known for "vintage

City planners have pushed the Arts to the forefront and I hope at least
NCECA will be a really rewarding event. You can look at the conference
schedule on the NCECA website. I see some interesting panel discussions.

As far as attendance? Being on the Eastern side of the states, Pittsburg
should be within easy reach of more participants than say Louisville.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA

L. P. Skeen on mon 1 oct 07



This is kind of a weird question. Is there some reason this NCECA would =
NOT be as well attended as the ones before? I am tentatively planning =
to go, depending on finances and my mother's health.

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Do you think the up-coming 'NCECA' will be well attended? Or, that it =
will enjoy only a small attendance?

Neal on mon 1 oct 07


Pittsburgh is a great city. My partner went to the
Methodists' general conference there in 2004. I went for a
few days to enjoy the city.

It will be just in time to take in a Pirates game like I
did (although the 2008 schedule isn't posted yet), and the
Penguins will be in town March 20 and 22.

The couple of other things I enjoyed were the Warhol Museum
and the Phipps Conservatory.

I'm not planning to go to NCECA next year. It falls during
a busy time at work. The 2009 one in Phoenix may work for

Neal O'Briant

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Lori Leary on mon 1 oct 07


I will be going. Wouldn't miss it for anything. I think I will be
driving up from Atlanta. A little early to ask, but anyone want to
share a ride? Either from Atlanta or on the way?

Lori L.

Barb Lord on tue 2 oct 07


On Sun, 30 Sep 2007 21:44:38 -0700, pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET wrote:

>Do you think the up-coming 'NCECA' will be well attended? Or, that it will
>enjoy only a small

I plan to go to Pittsburgh. It's driving distance for me, so how could I
possibly miss this one if I went to Portland? I'm just working on my
boa. Must be up with the times. I may add some peacock feathers for
good measure, plus they do fit with the rainbow theme.
Barb Lord

Floyd Hale on mon 8 oct 07


I plan to attend, it will be my first one.

Floyd Hale