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updated wed 3 oct 07


primalmommy on mon 1 oct 07

Dannon told me once, long ago, that when you're feeling stuck you need
to clean your studio.

Boy howdy, did I clean my studio. I started Friday afternoon with 2 kids
as "paid helpers" -- and emptied out 10 years worth of stuff into the
back yard. I worked all weekend, and just got done late Sunday night,
just before the rain started..

I swear, if I ever again look at some doodad or garage sale find and
say, "This could be a clay tool!", somebody just shoot me.

I hauled bags to the curb of ugly pots, big ideas, half finished
projects. I recycled plastic containers and shredded old paperwork. I
made and labeled boxes for a high shelf of stained glass, metal
fabrication and lost wax, fused glass, batik, glass fusing, paper making
and other non-clay projects.

I found several mouse nests. Gosh, a studio mouse can make a pretty
nest. Bits of shredded batik, raffia and colored tissue paper in with
the pink insulation. Not much to live on in the cupboards out there,
though... a little beeswax, some soap, a couple of rolaids, and one
chocolate kiss a student gave me last valentines day.

I got rid of mystery glazes, donated duplicate tools to the guild
classes, mopped and sponged and cleared until there were empty shelves,
clean countertops and a big white empty table.

And I came up with ideas, as I worked, Working physically hard always
does that for me. I found a roll of outdated NCECA posters and put them
up on my walls backward, white-side-out. I kept a fat sharpie in my
pocket and stopped to sketch and scribble notes whenever I had a notion.
So last night late, when it was finally done, I was so inspired I
couldn't stand it. I sat down to throw and the ideas just kept coming, I
woke up before the kids and headed back out there, itching to start some
project on that clean table top. All I can think about now is getting ot
the studio and doing something wonderful.

I told Jeff... I should clean the bedroom next!

Kelly in Ohio

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