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mug exchange and 101 clayart mugs exhibit

updated thu 6 nov 97


Carolynn Palmer on wed 5 nov 97

Okay. I will try to clear up some misconceptions. I apologize for any
confusion. These two separate things were born at about the same time from
the same idea.

First: The Mugs Exhibit - 101 CLAYART MUGS
This is being organized by Marshall Talbott at
He can probably best explain this himself as this exhibit is in the
development stages. But essentially, he is putting together an exhibition of
mugs from CLAYART participants.

This free-for-all exchange was born from my attempt to organize the kind of
mug swap Mel will be hosting at NCECA.
You send a mug and you get a mug. One for one.

Each participant simply emails me their name and address. I send out the
most recently received name and address to the previous email address and the
swap takes place between these two people.

I keep no record of who was given out to whom. This is a swap based on my
belief that potters are basically trustworthy, honorable people and that they
will be willing to send out a mug and trust that they will receive a mug.

It would be nice if some info about the maker (and the mug) were sent along
with each mug, but not necessary.

So, when you receive my message, send out your mug and you should receive a

This should be fun.

Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Ctr, Michigan