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oil lamp feet

updated mon 10 nov 97


Lynne Antone on wed 5 nov 97

Quite a while back, there was a string on sealing oil lamps, regardless of
vitrification, glazing, etc. I was wondering if I put feet on all of my
future lamps to raise them up a .25 inch or so, would the seepage run down to
the suface the lamp is on? Or would this space prevent the surface from
wicking the oil to it? I hate taking any chances on selling a product that
might cause damage (not to mention the opportunity for someone to sue me for
that damage). I also don't feel that comfortable about the sealant doing the
job well, in addition to the extra step to seal all of my lamps (not very
cost effective).

Olympia WA

gambaru on sun 9 nov 97

The addition of feet to oil lamps should be a design choice, will not solve
leaking problem. Leaking,seeping problem best solved by using a clay body
and glaze that do not leak or seep. Test by burning lamp for a couple of
days on a dark coloured absorbent paper. MB.