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new work ! - "bison studios" - - - 'ball end' sgraffito tools,

updated sat 27 oct 07


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 25 oct 07

tiny 'Dog Leg' Carvers, Various Trimmers, Handles,
and else - Tools for Potters and other Clay practioners

Hi everyone,

I felt it might be fun to be able to show New Work sometimes, so today I
began experimenting with a 'Blog' format, since it is an easy way to have
some images and texts accessible from a convenient clickable Link.

And, it resolves some of the vexations of my
impending yet-to-be-announced, woefully obsolete, rough draft, incomplete,
not debut'd yet of official "BISON"
Web Site, kindly began for me by a friend who I promised I would not pester
afterward, but which remains beyond my ken to do anything with to revise or
to add
images to and so

So, for now, serendipitously, some casual presentations, of New Work, and
somewhat New Work, which one may not have seen unless you were at the last
'N.C.E.C.A.' or had stopped by here in the last recent while or so.

So -

I will be adding a few more 'New' or Newish things in the days to
come, in case you may
wish to look again sometime.

All the old Favorites of course are still in the Stable...

Any questions, let me know?


Philip Poburka
proprietor - maker

Bison Studios
Las Vegas, Nevada
U.S. of A.