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pipe burners

updated thu 18 oct 07


mel jacobson on wed 17 oct 07

the length and the diameter is based on the size/power of the burner.
big to small.
if you want a flame retention end...just add a coupler.
have experimented with adding slots at the end with hack saw.
just a half inch deep.
but, i could find no real reason for it.
some think it helps.

a ten inch pipe/3 inches round makes a nice small burner.
much like the pix on my website.

as i have told you before.
start slow, check things out...see how far you can
push the flow of they work and what are the
just like firing a kiln...see what they will do.
chart it on paper.

gas pressure
flame length.
does it jump off the end of the pipe at some point?
know where that is. mark it down.
does the flame ever come back into the pipe and burn
at the orifice....what is that condition?

in my experience, you just light them, let them go.
turn them up slowly. see how they fire.

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