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rutile problem

updated fri 7 nov 97


Dan C Tarro on thu 6 nov 97

I think I goofed but not sure. I have lost the blue in my rutile blue. I
hear that these blues are much like copper reds in the way they fire. I
changed my firing lately to clean up my whites in the load by clearing
the kiln at the end of the firing with an oxidation of 15 to 20 minutes.
This cleaned the whites up, but I think in doing this I lost my blue from
my rutile. Am I correct in thinking this? Should I shut down with
reduction as I have in the past and forget clearing the kiln?
Some on the list feel that coppers turn red when they cool in reduction.
Is this the same with rutile blues?

Thanks for your help,

Dan Tarro
Oak Tree Stoneware
Ham Lake, Mn.