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101 clayart mugs... photo issue..etc

updated mon 10 nov 97


Talbott on fri 7 nov 97


Dear Clayarters...

Carolynn and a few others have suggested that they had rather just
send a mug and forget about the photograph(s) and certainly if that is more
convenient for some and not for others then that is fine with me. So at
this point you can decide what you had rather do in case it becomes
necessary to "pick and choose" should we have more than 101 mugs to choose
from. In other words when the time comes and if there is a need to jury
some could send photos of their mug or some could just send the mug itself.
Any mugs which are sent and that are not selected for the exhibit could be
returned via UPS to the owner at the owner's expense or donated or sold...
I am certainly not anticipating that there will be a lot of mugs that will
not be selected but it is foreseeable should there be a large response that
some mugs would not make the selection. I am not one who likes to inflict
pain on others and I will try to accomodate everyone if that is humanly
possible... Please feel free to send your ideas on this issue and others
and we will hash the problems out. This should be a fun and positive event
for all involved and I intend to make it just that.... Do not send mugs
until you have been instructed to do so... Again we are still looking for
venues...nothing is definite.. NCECA and The Clay Studio have been
suggested as possible exhibition sites...
Also not all mugs have handles and that is a display issue that can
easily be worked out... Display ideas are welcomed...

Best Wishes...Marshall
----------------------------Original Message-------------------------------
"Speaking for myself, I think this exhibit would be much more spontaneous and
easier (for me) if I could just send a mug with the pertinent info from the
application. In the time it takes to get my mug photographed and pay to have
slides made, I can throw 101 more mugs! Mugs to a functional potter are like
bread and butter - they are basic."

So what if you get more than 101 of them? Choose the 101 from what you
receive and sell the rest for charity - or diplay all of them somewhere.

Still love the idea.

Carolynn Palmer, POBox 311, Somerset Ctr, Michigan 49282


Celia & Marshall Talbott, Pottery By Celia, Route 114, P O Box 4116,
Naples, Maine 04055-4116,(207)693-6100 voice and fax,(call first)
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--------------------------------------------------------------------- on sun 9 nov 97


This is an opportunity to make a cultural attachment to a ceramic object.
The only way we can do that is by ensuring good photographs are available
for the possible use in a catalogue. I everyone thinking of participating
in this event to put at least one photo of your submitted piece into the mail

Terrance Frank Lazaroff
St Hubert, Quebec, Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!