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wood-fired show, "women who wood"

updated mon 22 oct 07


Liz Willoughby on mon 22 oct 07

Hello Everyone,
I am a little late with this, however better late than never. I am
in a wood-fired show along with 11 other women that opened in Glen
Williams, Ontario, Canada (just northwest of Toronto). We were part
of a group that built a kiln headed by Mark Peters, at Monica
Johnson's and Paulus Tjiang's in my neck of the woods in South
Eastern Ontario. We have continued to fire Monica's kiln together,
and now as well, Barb Murphy's kiln (also by Mark Peters) in
Southwestern Ontario. Since we are women that fire together, we
decided to have a show. It opened yesterday and will continue to
Nov.11. It was a tremendous success, and even though the pots are
all about firing with wood, it was a show that showed much diversity
of form and color. Anyone who loves the look of wood fired pots
should see this show. You won't be disappointed.
Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre, gallery hours: Wed.-Sunday, noon to 5 pm,
515 Main st.
Glen Williams, Ontario (lots of info on the web-site)

Liz from Grafton, Ontario, Canada.