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for joyce and the bowl.

updated sat 3 nov 07


Phyllis Tilton on fri 2 nov 07

Joyce: I had a similar commission several years ago--from a lady that broke her daughter's bread bowl. It was larger than I usually throw and due to my physical barriers, I centered a ball of clay on another. Worked fine but learned that I needed to stop to let the clay 'set up' because if not, my soft clay(easier on my hands) would want to sag. Seems I always need to learn something the hard way but the delay in production worked. I selected three of the bowls to fire. One bowl was the nicest but I took all three to show her. She bought them all -
I don't throw directly on the wheel head--use bats so the pieces can be moved off and then, replaced on the wheel and worked on again.

Good Luck
Phyllis Tilton
Charter member Potter's Council