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joyce's bowl

updated mon 5 nov 07


Lili Krakowski on sun 4 nov 07

All the suggestions I finally got to read were as usual wonderful.
Susan was right on with how to make the bowl the right size.

Joyce: first of all that friend needs to knit you and Mojo matching cashmere
sweater sets in exchange for that bowl!

Then. There is no way that your bowl will look exactly like the plastic
bowl she wants. No way that a plastic deck or patio table can be replicated
in birch or teak or mahogany....The difference in the substance is too
great. You know that from sewing...The eye sees what it wants to see....

However. Following Susan's idea I would figure out what the shrinkage would
demand, and I for one do not know how to do that...I mean does one figure
based on the diameter or the circumference, or either one. Instinct says

Then I would build up the outside of the plastic bowl with papier
mache--just long strips of newspaper coated with diluted white glue. I
would put a piece of smooth cloth--sheets from the Thrift Shop-- over the
bowl first then add the paper till the correct size is achieved. I would
let that dry, which in Desert should not take too long, and then use my
papier mache bowl as a mold.

Then IF you throw the bowl:

There is a dear gadget that is a bar of flexible plastic..about 18" long and
1/2 x 1/2 inch in width. It bends to form and is used to copy curves,

If no one can tell you what it is called beyond "The blue snake thing" --
mine being blue--roll yourself an epoxy putty coil and place it inside the
bowl to capture its contour. When the coil is dry, use it as a template to
trace the curve onto the lid of an old plastic bucket. CAREFULLY cut that
curve out to make a curved rib with which you will shape the inside
of your bowl. (Ribs as templates are as old as the hills, or, I guess, in
your case, dunes) Make the bowl a little extra thick to allow you to trim
to perfect shape. Good luck

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage