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^6 ash glaze gone wacko

updated tue 6 nov 07


Snail Scott on mon 5 nov 07

I am presently teaching at a small college, where I have taken over
the ceramics area for just one semester. It (unlike my other college
this semester) has a decent glaze-mixing facility. Among the shop
glazes I inherited was a nice ash glaze, which just this week has
gone nuts: it's become an ultra-runny, bubbly, transparent gloss
brown. I despair of saving the batch.

Anyway, I'd rather start fresh than try to guess at what happened.
I'd like to mix more of the same, but there is no record of the recipe
on file, and the guy who came up with it is in the hospital and can't
help me.

Anyone have a decent no-too-fussy ^6 ash glaze they're willing to