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fwd: response from clayart bowl mold question

updated tue 6 nov 07


joyce on sun 4 nov 07

>Hello Joycelee,
>I am new to Clayart and well...have not figured out how to post to
>the site yet. hence this e-mail directly to you.
>Anyhow, I do a lot of hand building and hear you about not wanting
>to mess with plaster!
>Someone else responded with the idea of plastic wrap in the bowl, on
>that note, what I do is similar: roll out a slab of clay, place
>plastic on top of this smoothing all air pockets and wrinkles out,
>this will become the bottom of your bowl. Place a board or bat over
>the plastic covered slab and one under the canvas (I use a slab
>roller w/canvas)now your clay slab and plastic are sandwiched
>between bats, flip. Now your clay is on top of the plastic. Lift the
>plastic, clay slab riding on top, over your bowl and ease down into
>your shape with a large sponge. Trim off any excess clay frrom your
>rim that hangs over. A rib is helpful or fingers to smooth the
>inside of bowl. Let sit til leather hard,trim the rim,pop out of
>the bowl,turn upside down and rib the bottom(plastic wrinkles if
>any). A foot can be centered and pulled on the wheel from a roll of
>clay attached to bottom.
>The only thing is now the bowl will be a little smaller than
>original because of shrinkage.
>Hope this helps,
>Tonya Romanick