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help/bowl/firing platters

updated tue 6 nov 07


joyce on sun 4 nov 07

Well................ where to start? I had forgotten just how
wonderfully helpful claybuds
can be. Thank you, thank you, thank you. On and off list I think
the responses to my
making a replica of a plastic bowl, without making a plaster mold,
are incredible. You
have outdone yourselves. Every single response has something about
it that differs,
and adds to what others have suggested.

I have started the paper mache mold, Lili, thank you....... sounds
like a winner for sure.
AND I found two old silky nightgowns that may now be used to keep the bowl from
sticking to the clay ..... having been advised that they are less
troublesome to keep from
wrinkling than the plastic wrap may be. Clever, indeed! AND I'm
sending along a new
bud's suggestion that may also help others in my same predicament. As of this
evening I have four bowls drying, only one of which is THE plastic
bowl, expecting it
to be a Practice Run..... four large platters are drying too.

However, these platters ARE "my
work" from scratch since I'm using the idea mentioned many times of creating a
new pot from a bisque form. My new platters are resting on bisqued ones that
I neglected to fire because the size paused me a bit. The bisque is
old from a time
when my fears didn't involve clay. I just dived in. (The sixties
were fun, were they
not? That's MY sixties, not the ones of the last century... got a
toehold on the
seventies now and feelin' good...... much of the time..... )
I've been diving less and less...... getting pretty tired of that m.o........

I appreciate too the response which answers unspoken concerns I've
had..... and I may wind
up following it. My Very Good Friend and claybud felt that I might
do well to ditch the
whole issue and find something more creative to do with my time and
efforts. She may
well be right. I'm thinking about it. It was the sentimentality
concerning my friend's bowl
that got my attention and has me considering honoring her request,
even though it's my
policy to Never, Ever take orders..... based on the many warnings and
Tall Tales I've
heard since I fell in love with clay.

Thank you, Craig, for your posts about firing
large platters ...... very timely since that would have been my next plea for
guidance. As has often happened, you were there with the Right Words
to Inspire.

In the Mojave weary and happy. Weary since I've added almost two
hours of working out
each day .... with moves garnered from Physical Therapy for the last
Two Years. This, of
course, is designed to simply keep me where I am physically hoping to
avoid surgery... It's
too bad Old Age doesn't come first ..... bet we'd take better care of
ourselves if it did,
especially with the threat of Old Age returning once we evolved to
Young Age if we
didn't Do Right.... Happy because I am So Glad that I didn't let the
garagio go (borrowing
that term forever, ol' bud) though many were clamoring to buy My Stuff.......