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free movies for wheel throwing and wood firing - safe clay preparation

updated wed 7 nov 07


Marek & Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson on tue 6 nov 07

"If this was a ploy to sell your dvds its pretty slimy. Not to mention =
you chose the wrong
person to try it with. I am calling you out it was a mistake or you are =
wrong which one". Tim See


John and Roy promoted their fabulous glaze book on Clayart. Is this =
slimy? Of course not
Mel promoted his Dog Tick contraption on Clayart. Is this slimy? Of =
course not, the guy lives a potter's life, works with a mass of =
different materials and shares on Clayart.
The numerous Workshops promoted through Clayart. Is this slimy? Of =
course not, this is one of the things Clayart is for.
Promoting my book and DVD Tips and Time Travel on Clayart. Is this =
slimy? Of course not, as I share much on Clayart.
Promoting a forthcoming DVD series on clay making. Is this slimy? Of =
course not, I have sent out to fellow clayarters over 200 DVD's, totally =
Clayart is not just for promoting, it is for sharing, and as a =
professional potter for over 35 years this is what I do on Clayart.

So please Tim, promote your videos of your throwing techniques, and =
remember my comment abouit your videos on throwing. Exciting! So chill.

safe and happy potting from Marek

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