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fw: free movies for wheel throwing and wood firing - safe clay prepa

updated wed 7 nov 07


Tim See on tue 6 nov 07

Fw: Free Movies For wheel throwing and wood firing - safe clay prepa
Posted by: "Marek & Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson" relax@MOLEY.UK.COM
Tue Nov 6, 2007 4:38 am (PST)
Hi Marek,
Was this response to my videos? "the clay preparation for example made me wince" what is clay
preperation wedging? I do not believe I had a wedging video. There must be a misunderstanding
and if there isnt I will defend what I do with reall examples others can see for free and not have to
buy. If this was a ploy to sell your dvds its pretty slimy. Not to mention you chose the wrong
person to try it with. I am calling you out it was a mistake or you are wrong which one. Tim See

Seeing others throw is always a thrill, is always exciting as there are always other ways of
producing a shape on the wheel. Some make it look easy - they are the good ones - and others
make it look hard - not so good, but it is always exciting.
Having seen some of the other movies - the clay preparation for example made me wince. What
was being shown was a very practical way to injure yourself whilst preparing the clay with so much
wasted energy. Clay preparation is a dance not a sequence of tortured movements - no wonder so
many people shy away from clay prep if they are shown this tortuous way. Wrong height, wrong
stance, using wrong parts of the body etc., etc.
Sorry to be so negative but please for the sakes of your bodies do not do it that way. For an easier
way to keep your body in shape and prepare the clay AND enjoy it too, go to my KERAMIX web site
and click on the Clay Prep Video. I am also going to be releasing a full DVD on the basics which
will include a very detailed sequence of a variety of SAFE methods of clay prep. to be released next