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help for bowl molds

updated wed 7 nov 07


Joyce & Darrell on tue 6 nov 07

Have to put in my 2 cents worth. One of my first clay projects was
to make a large "water pot" using a plastic restaurant size salad
bowl. Made two halves, put together, cut a hole for a lid. Worked
great. I cut my slabs into wedges, smoothed together with a rib,
used plastic wrap to keep from sticking. Put it on the wheel to
throw a foot, and did not have it anchored well. You know the rest
of this story. Whoops. Those big bowls can really fly! I've used
the salad bowls several times, but always have a lot of trouble with
the clay warping in the final firing and with getting a rim that
looks good. Any suggestions? Joyce K from MO