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updated sat 8 nov 97


Kris Baum on fri 7 nov 97

I just went to photograph a kitchen backsplash that I designed and
made for a customer ...

The tiles were gorgeous, the grout was excellent, the entire job
looked great except ... there were big, white electrical outlets
scattered through the whole thing! Obviously, I knew the outlets
were there, but I hadn't thought too much about them. Now, they
stand out like major sore thumbs, especially because a) they are
white and the tiles are a blue-gray color, and b) they are positioned
not close to the countertop but smack in the middle (vertically)
between the countertop and the cabinets. (This was new construction;
perhaps current code thinks they are safer higher up?)

Anyway, how do others deal with this issue? I hate to say they ruin
the entire look, but it's close. I was :-(((. Should I have made
custom outlet covers to go with the tile? That might look better, but
then the white outlet (plug) part would still be obvious. Does
anyone else even worry about these things? I'd love some input from
you savvy folks! :-) Thanks.

Kris Baum, Shubunkin Pottery