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david, bottles vs vases

updated thu 15 nov 07


mel jacobson on wed 14 nov 07

i try and think fast...what is a bottle?
my first thought...vertical. it is tall and has
a top that ends in a potential stopper.
the stopper works with the hand..small and protects
the contents from coming out. it is a safe container.

vase, i think flowers.
any size opening and space for stems. depends on the
size of the flowers.

in so many ways...bottles have total and complete
function. they store liquids...often for years.
such as wine. you can always drop a single flower in
a bottle, but that is not its function...yet, it still works.

vases are used for both decoration and holding
flowers. you do not need the flowers to let the
vase function as a form.

so, we are back at the old discussion. it depends.
and, for bringing up such an obscure discussion...the
kid gets to make 100 bottles with 100 different sized
openings and forms. then he can tell us about bottles.
then he can make 100 flower vases...all different, then
tell us about vases. and, by god, he will know a thing or two.

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