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great studio space available at nottingham arts in san mardos, ca.

updated mon 26 nov 07


Nottingham Arts on sat 24 nov 07

Hi follks, Please spread the word that we have a ceramics studio
avaviable here at the Nottingham Center for the Arts in north San Diego

The studio can be viewed on our web site at

The Nottingham Center for the Arts is a non profit adjucnt of our larger
studio complex here in San Marcos, CA.

The studio is aprox. 220 sq. ft. of private space in our resident studio
building. It has lots of shelving and a 220 V. vented kiln hookup with a
Skutt 1027 electric kiln in the studio. Additionaly there is a large
Baily slab roller in the studio.

Outside the studio are many large ceramics kilns: a 30 cu. ft. West
Coast updraft cone 10 , a Halverson 40 cu. ft. car kiln , several
smaller gas kilns, a 30 cu. ft. kiln for charcoal / sculpural firings, a
salt/ soda kiln, and raku kilns, and much more. Pretty much whatever a
ceramist would want to do we can accomodate here.

For a ceramics artist who wants complete freedom to explore any avenue;
we have the space and facillity for them .

The studio rental is $ 250 / month with one half day work devoted to
the place each week.

Nottingham Center for the Arts is a co-op group of artists working on
their own work while also working to enhance the mission of the art
center to promote the craft/ arts in san diego.

If interested; contact the director: terry sullivan at

Web site: