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updated sun 2 dec 07


Carol Metcalfe on sun 2 dec 07

Hi everybody

In the course of my ash glaze research, I have worked with the well known c=
eramicist Eric Mellon and contributed to a book he has written about his li=
fe's work and use of ash glazes. Eric has asked me to share with you some =
of the comments he has received about the book. He writes:

=E2=80=9C The book, Decorating Stoneware =E2=80=93 Ash Glazes and the Art =
of the Brush, published by the University of Chichester, has been well rec=
eived and I give you some comments from letters I have received by purchase=
rs of the book.

=E2=80=9CI have been reading your wonderful book like a novel. It's such a=
lovely combination of exploring your creative impulses and practical appli=
cation to ceramics. I have learned so much about ash. Your book has been =
useful and a joy to read=E2=80=9D
Ruthane Tudball, Ceramist, Norfolk. Hon. Fellow Craft Potters' Association=

=E2=80=9CI am enjoying your book, which I regard as outstanding and excelle=
nt, to state the least. Particularly like the use of colour which is missi=
ng in other works which attempt to deal with ash glazes...........Congratul=
ations on producing such a significant landmark in studio ceramics=E2=80=
Dr.Peter McCulloch, PhD., Head of Art Department, Christ Church University,=
Canterbury, retired.

=E2=80=9CWhat a splendid publication. I am in fact going to keep it in our=
own library.=E2=80=9D
Brian Stewart, Director, Falmouth Art Gallery, Cornwall.

=E2=80=9CThank you for such a detailed and excellent account of your work a=
nd the science behind the creativity=E2=80=9D.
Paul Sansom, Ceramic collector, West Midlands.

=E2=80=9CThis beautiful book is a revelation, embracing so much about the d=
ecoration of ceramics and ash glazes by a master of the art. Mellon's know=
ledge of ash and of the figure, animating his stories in fluid compositions=
of spatial line and colour is unrivalled=E2=80=9D.
David Whiting, writer on Ceramic, Worcestershire.

Copies of the book are available from:
Eric James Mellon
5 Parkfield Avenue
West Sussex, PO21 3BW
Tel: 01243 268949 =20
Signed limited and numbered edition, hardback: =C2=A330 sterling including =
p and p in UK
Paperback: =C2=A325 sterling including p and p in UK
Cheques made payable to Eric James Mellon.
Overseas please write for details of costs.=E2=80=9D

I think the book is very interesting but then perhaps I am biased!! Eric h=
ad an article in Ceramic Review last summer but perhaps folks outside the U=
K are not aware of this book which is well worth a look. An update on my o=
wn PhD ash glaze research at the University of Sunderland to follow soon.

Carol Metcalfe

Lee InMashiko on fri 7 dec 07

I highly recommend Phil Rogers' book on ash glazes

Lee in Mashiko, Japan