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barium poisonning

updated sun 2 dec 07


Edouard Bastarache Inc. on fri 7 dec 07

Hello Michael ,

you are right

"Solubility :
The toxicity of barium salts is related largely to
their solubility, which
conditions their digestive absorption and
bioavailability. Water and acid
soluble salts are very toxic when ingested. The
carbonate BaCO3 is
insoluble in water at neutral pH, it becomes
soluble in acid environments,
which is not without consequence in vivo because
of the gastric pH.
There would be under this condition, production of
barium chloride
BaCl2 from the solubilized carbonate; barium
chloride is one the most
toxic of soluble barium salts."

So, do not confuse with sugar first thing in the
morning prparing your

Gis la revido,

Edouard Bastarache