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updated fri 14 dec 07


chris massingill on thu 13 dec 07

Hello All,

I have been a lurker on this list off an on for a
couple of years, and right now I am currently teaching
Art full-time and making pots part-time.

I just rented a small studio downtown so that I can
start to transition to switch that to making pots full
time and teaching part-time, but I live in a small
town in Arkansas and I can't seem to find anyone to
talk to about the mechanics of being a full-time
artist. Most of my artist friends teach or have some
other full time job. I've read a few books about
marketing art and art as a business. But what I really
is more specific information - how many pots should I
take to a craft fair? How do you approach a shop for
wholesale purchases and what are the terms?

I think that what I really need is a mentor - I would
be willing to trade pottery and supplies for your time
and even pay a small fee for some help/motivation to
help me along this path.

To see my work to see if you might be interested in
helping me, you can go to my website at


Chris Massingill

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