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rooms /nceca/ from mel

updated mon 17 dec 07


mel jacobson on sun 16 dec 07

i am not in charge any longer of rooms at nceca.
never again for me.

if we could have someone out there that
wishes to put your credit card on the line for
1200 my guest. (then make all the arrangements.)
(we filled 1256 rooms over five days in louisville just
for clayart. ...that is why the nceca folks want those
rooms cost them lots of money not to fill
their quota.) you contract for x rooms...if you do not
fill them, you pay for them. we were 25% over our quota.

i warned people months ago.
get your room now...don't wait.

nceca has control of rooms.

each hotel has x amount of rooms for any
they have their regular customers to take care of.
they do not add more when the limit is reached.

you will just have to get whatever you can get.
the way it is.

the new hotel /conference center in phoenix looks really nice.
big tower...almost done...and the rail system should be done
in time for nceca.
mel/ex hotel booking agent.

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