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large projects , studio work flow.

updated fri 21 dec 07


stephani stephenson on thu 20 dec 07

I loved reading about your experience!
sounds like you and your compadres made the most of
the experience then made the most of the
post-experience experience.
i agree , the first big one is a matter of doing your
best to size it up, take the risk, then hurtle into
it ,and through it with all your might., and act like
you know what you are doing! or rather , trusting that
your bones know what you are doing.

OK some may do it differently..:)..
success on the first one is measured differently, as
in , you survive it, and it pays for itself and your
time and hopefully a bump more...but even with a wee
bump more you kiss the land once you get off the boat.
i still like a regular diet of smaller- midsize
projects , and there are a few bigger projects i have
turned have to be wary of letting a big
project suck you in with the promise of high dollars
or prestige...
just because it is can be wrong for you and
it can be a loser from the get go and it can make your
life hell ..i have seen it happen
.so sizing up the situation and knowing when to say no
is as important as going for it. but occasionally one
comes along that you want to tackle.

the same goes for decisions following a 'big' order'.
i got some advice from a very savvy lady who has been
managing a ceramic figurine company that has been in
business i think 60 years now. she said how, after a
big order you are tempted to ramp get that
dream building rather than the 2 cramped studios you
have been operating out of for get a bunch
of spanking new equipment....etc.

surprisingly she said to me," watch out for this, you
can sink quicker than you know".... i have always been
on the cautious side, maybe too cautious, so it was
interesting to hear this from someone who does manage
a pretty good sized facility with a brick building
and a good size paid staff.....
all depends on the sitcheeashun.

for me this project will mean maybe two acorns go in
the stash this year instead of one, and the extra
acorn will come in handy.

but i thoroughly enjoyed your description and your

an overused phrase, perhaps, but it IS a journey....

Stephani Stephenson

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